It's a brand new world! Deregulation is coming across the nation to many states that, until now, have been locked up in a regulated system that forced consumers to stick with whichever bloated electric company happened to be servicing their area. No longer! This is the time for electric suppliers and electric resellers. There are going to be limitless opportunities to resell electricity as one of the first electric suppliers in your area! I know what you're thinking - that sounds great, but what IS an electricity reseller?

Basically, an electricity reseller, or an electric supplier is someone who is responsible for getting electrical power from a company that cannot market to a given audience, TO that audience. As an electricity reseller, you would be reselling the electricity produced by a power company! It's simple as that - no stockroom to resell electricity, no massive staff to resell electricity; just yourself and the dedication to get the word out there. Most people will be able to save money from nearly any electric company just by going through an electricity reseller. When you resell electricity, you're actually doing people a favor! It just so happens that being an electricity reseller is a great opportunity, something that you can use to generate residual income to make life just a little bit easier.

Grab the opportunity with both hands and jump right into the exciting world of electricity resellers. Resell electricity - electrify your future!

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